Wednesday, 9 April 2014

10 man Scion Squad and their Taurox

My models finally arrived in the post today so I decided to get them assembled. So here are a few pics of my latest models:

The Taurox was nothing special. I put the Auto gun on the side of the turret instead of on the fenders but there was already too much going on the turret so I didnt make any attempt at giving it a twin linked look. In my opinion its better there than on the fender. Its a fairly basic vehicle to assemble. but the gunners arms didnt fit in the turret opening. So I had to put the arms up in front of his face (they will be painted as a visor). Other than that its a very cool vehicle and the interior is very cool. 

The Scions were a joy to put together. For the most part. I was tempted to give my sergeant a power fist (I dont like them normally) but he looked pretty cool with one. Instead I went with the traditional Power Sword and Plasma Pistol load out. To make this squad stand out and add some variety (very limited posing available) so I added a squad medic, vox and banner bearer. The medic got the grim look and he is definitely my favorite.

The Plasma Gunners sucked because there is only the one pose for them and very few ways to change it up. Im gonna take off the second gunners arm and work on making him look different one way or another. I ended up with the berets as my head choice and went against a head swap this time around. 

There are a whole heap of extras available that I haven't used such as ammo pouches, canteens, knives, grenades and more. But there are a lot going on on the model so to avoid too much clutter ill paint them first then add on any extras. 

Unfortunately I wont be getting more of these awesome models. There is just too little in the way of posing. All my Plasma gunners would end up pointing at something! But for any guard player in my opinion they are well worth having just some of. 

The Taurox is very cool. I finally have a light vehicle that packs a small punch. 

So considering they are plastic models they actually have a fair amount of detail and dont suffer Cadian model chunkyness (as bad anyways). Asides form the new GW commissar coming out soon these are the coolest GW release in ages. 

They are destined to be painted up in a red and white scheme along with my inquisitor. So keep an eye out so you can all critique my painting. 

My Astra Militarum Codex shipped today (much sooner than my Scion Models) so hopefully they arrive soon! Some good and bad news with coming with the new codex but thats nothing new. An exciting time for human faction players for sure. Lets relish our time in the spot light. 

Cheers for looking. 


  1. Now I'm jealous. Knowing that you already have the models and my codex won't arrive for two more days. AAAAGGGHH!!

    In other news, while I still dislike the Taurox I do like its scale sitting next to some models.

    1. The Vehicle looks far better with just the storm bolters and no other weapons. There is a but much going on and it makes the vehicle look a bit over loaded. I found if I had kept it basic it would have looked better but it wouldnt be as useful table top wise.

      Did you order yours after the early ship cut off date? If you order it on the weekend it comes on the Wednesday rather than the Saturday afterwards. (I was lucky enough to be told this so In didnt delay).

  2. Wow, the taurox is itty bitty

    1. Well size doesnt always matter.

      For example last night my Japanese tanks won me the game. 6 of the little guys. You know one German stug is the size of 4 of these little tanks. The little guys are always under estimated.

      What really matters is how you use them :P.