Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Mercenaries - Kroot and Squats

The Scrunt

So my first ever kickstarter has been complete. The Squats (or scrunts). These men will be among the Mercenary Division who will do things my men are not capable of. So these guys are pretty basic to assemble, it took about 40 minutes to do them. I ordered pith helmets with mine and used the standard cap as the squad leader. Sorry about the photos but its getting Dark here and ill be working all week so sunlight photos are a distant hope... But I hope you like them. They are almost as tall as normal men but they really have that stocky short look t them.   

They have a variety of weapons such as mini guns and some other odd steam punkish guns, so I will pretend that their combined fire power is just the same as a normal upgraded Imperial Squad. Not sure how they will be painted yet but ill get there. So thanks to Olleys Armies for my first kickstarter experience. He actually made the pith helmets after a few of us requested he did so. Which I thought was very nice and sold me on his project.

The Kroot

RageRabbit (the guy who painted my Penal Legion) did these guys for me a week or so ago. They are about the most practical looking infantry in my army. Originally I had meercats as my inspiration but I decided to just let him work with roughly what I wanted and these where the result. 

I use the old Tau rules for these guys as they are close combat orientated. So they will be rushing forth alongside my Penal Legion, hoping to earn honor and cash under their new masters. I fully expect them to die. 

As you can see I have not yet based them all but I am getting there. So In hope you like them. Soon someone I have been talking to will show us his amazing idea for a guard regiment. Once he has started ill show you his work in progress and so on (and ill also copy one of his units for use in my Mercenary Unit) so it should be exciting. All in due time. I have so many ideas for Mercenaries but im also open to more if anyone knows of some good ones!


  1. Jayden, I got to say I am liking the look of the kroot, RageRabbit is rather good at his craft

    1. Yes and whats better is the speed at which he paints. He also lives in my country so there is no reason not to go to him to get stuff painted. I really like his final results.

    2. What is the idea this "Guy" came up with for his regiment? What, some kind of French foreign Legion?

    3. Hello "Anonymous"...

      It may or may not include Foreign Legion....

      Only time will tell...

    4. Who, really wanting information, posts as Anonymous these days? As to the question, I can answer it, though I probably won't at this time... Just to revel in your frustration at not knowing

    5. You almost had me very confused. I look forward to your answer... :P

    6. Why were you confused there Jayden?

    7. Hey, Donovan, why can't you just tell us what you doin? Is that so hard to ask?