Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Holy Inquisition - Lots of Pics

My inquisition allies are under way. I plan on using the Grey knight codex and Inquisition Codex to do this. I have so far got 1 war band and inquisitor and 5 grey knight terminators. Oh and an ex Chaos Rhino but shhhhh.

So there is the force in all its glory at the moment. The warband is being made with little or no knowledge of how the force works but im sure each henchman will find a job. Anyways break down time:

The Inquisitor: Faceless and uncompromising. If you look funny, he will shoot you. Luckily mirrors are heresy...

An Ex sheriff of a small town. After fighting of a Nurgle zombie attack he was hired to share his expertise.

Krak Shooter: Experience with riots and crowd control this guy has earned a reputation of being a great shot with his trusty Grenade launcher, 

Bushman: This guy adventures through jungles, forests, deserts and well the list goes on. His expertise is living off the land and navigating. Although he cant find his way through a city...

Decades of rank warfare has turned this man into an old school long rifle shooter. Although rumour has it theKrak Shooter is a better shot....

Sniffer Telekinesis slug: He is the weapon smith and in Urban environments he picks up the bush mans slack. Also known for being the good cop in interrogation.

Under oath this man uses his families flint lock pistol. The pistol has been passed down for thousands of years. Of course its useless and has not scored a kill yet so he carries his standard issue pistol too.

Commando: Extra vigilant in his prayers the commando keeps his plasma gun happy, as a result he has used his plasma gun his whole service. Longer than any guardsmen on record in the sector.

Nutty Priest: Ever since being discovered on a feral world this man has shown piety beyond expectation. He also hasnt cleaned or changed his clothes since leaving his home-world. Arguably nullifying  his effectiveness.

The Psyker: this guy is a psyker, nobody knows him much. But his bionic eye makes a great torch.

Mammal Hunter: This guy spends his spare time hunting large "game". As a result he can bring down large monstrosities with ease, as long as he gets a token. 

This guy plays bad cop, he also barters very well.

Sick of using crossbows this Feudal Worlder took a liking to a rocket launcher and has used it ever since.

Riddick: well he usually looses his weapons before each mission so these are "display" weapons.

The Lady: born and raised a noble she can infiltrate fancy parties and events. But her trusty hidden blade makes sure the target is dead. other wise known as the party downer.

So I just got all these from my bits box and randomly put them together. Here is their ride:

So this tank will be painted white and red. Hopefully I destroyed all signs of chaos on this thing when I assembled it but thats why i put the penitent guy on there. He volunteered of course... I have had this lying around since a trade I once did and now I have finally had use for it.

The grey knights will be made using Scibor. They will be a small force of 10 terminators, one dreadknight and one leader. Ill show everyone when I get round to getting them. But here is 5 terminators currently:

I should have taken a comparison shot but these guys are huge. think of them as true scale marines! Scibor models are amazing! The only thing that makes me not mind space marines haha. Ill go indepth on these guys later this year but I highly suggest taking a look.


So hopefully thats Inquistiony enough. I plan on using them in necromunda later this year too. The bits are mostly empire, guard, victoria miniatures and reaper miniatures for this.

I hope you like it.


  1. Nice retinue, if you need non slota bases i can give you some

    1. Cheers for the complement!

      And yes please. Slot bases I can get really cheap so I have been relying on them alot.

      Cheers :)