Monday, 10 March 2014

Machines of Death

With all the new hype for walkers I decided maybe ill put up some cool walking machines of death wondering around out there. Well here are my favorite in one short article. Be sure to check out what these companies have to offer!

So lets start with my personal Favorite:

The Scibor Walker

This guy is pretty big. Not only that, the detail is amazing. I will be using this guy as an over sized Dread Knight for my inquisitor. A bit pricey but it comes stock standard with a very detailed scenic base. Scibor Miniatures makes the best Alternate Space Marines on the market. This walker comes in 3 different varieties such as a Templar version, a Celtic version and the one above a Roman version. 

Just to elaborate a bit on Scibor Miniatures. He sculpts "True Scale" Marines, this means they are larger than the standard GW marines buy a fair amount actually. They suit Grey Knights a lot as their Halberds with inbuilt guns match their load out. Very soon in the future I will have a Grey Knight force of these guys and I will go into more detail about the sizes and detail on them. I will admit im incredibly impressed buy the ones I have now. 

So be sure to check them out if you want some holy terminators to add to your basic marines. Or if you are like me and have no marines and are ok with having hulking warriors on the field.

The Dream Forge Leviathan

This guy is a well priced giant. Comes in 2 versions, the 15mm scale and 28mm scale. The 15mm version comes a bit shy in size compared to the new Imperial Knight, but the 28mm size is Titan Sized (almost). So if you have always longed for titans on your battlefields but couldn't drop the money check this guy out for sure. This kit is known for its ability to be posed. I heard the instructions suggest screws if you wish for assembly so it can be forever posable! 

With a wide options of weapons and a few extra bits available this kit is great for what you pay. I really like its smooth surfaces which gives me freedom to add what I please here and there. This kit has huge potential for those who have converting urges. 

Dream Forge also makes some cool models. Check out their storm troopers! These guys are affordable and fit in nicely as elite soldiers for your guard or scout troopers for your marines. He is bringing out one beast of an APC vehicle soon check it out!


I have plans for both of these kits. In the far future I will use 2 of these Leviathans as Warhound Titans. I find the FW kit rather ugly for the Warhound but these guys are right up my tastes. 

So since walkers are the craze at the moment I thought id share some ideas. The Dream Forge one is popular right now but the Scibor ones are little known so be sure to check that site out. Scibor can be a bit pricey but for what you get its worth it. 

That is all today but I will hopefully have a battle report coming in the next few days. 

Also I want to quickly say thanks to Grumpy Guardsmen of Cadias creed. Your shout out was much appreciated! Cheers man :)


  1. My 28 mm crusader arrived in the post today. The retail box (not the shipping box around it) is a little bigger than 12 * 9 * 8 inches. There is a lot of plastic in that box.

    1. That is so cool dude. Is it true how easily posed it is and so on? based on the instructions?

      By the way im now expecting some Work In Progress posts now. :P haha.

    2. From looking at the instructions there are a lot of places where glue is not used and the kit comes with screws and a little screw driver.

      I probably will not get to really do anything like a sprue pick post since I have some work stuff going on next week that I have to get ready for.

    3. I know how you feel.

      Its awesome that it comes with a screw driver and so on. I look forward to seeing progress.

      Cheers man

  2. I have never really liked the dream forge leviathan, I really don't see what other people like about it so much. That's just me

    I do like the scibor stuff though, the one you show is not my favorite one though, but he has a lot of cool "not" marines.

    And your welcome :)

    1. Thats the beauty of the hobby. If everyone liked the Leviathan then how boring would it be. I like the simplicity and knightly look along with lots of smooth surface. It just seems more practical. (says the man whos army wears bright red...)

      The Scibor Marines can be hit and miss with some people. There are certainly models I dont like on that site but some amaze me. I think everyone feels that way with his models.

    2. It is very much no nonsense type of design. It is a war machine that comes out of a factory as opposed to something that is hand maintain by artisans who are not really sure how it works and covered in unrequired trinkets and such.

      It is also big. The rotatory cannon is as tall as the new GW Knight:

    3. Wow thats pretty cool. But it has the bonus of giving enough room for you to put your own decoration on it too. More room to personalize.

    4. Agreed, we all like different things. Heck thats why there are dozen or so factions instead of various forms of imperial guard. I think the cleanness of it clashes with what I think of "imperial" should be.

      Yeah I have check it out, some is really good, others don't float my boat