Sunday, 23 March 2014

Imperial Knights - A Patient Look

Heaps to talk about gaming wise lately. But Imperial Knights have cooled down a bit since its arrival onto the board. So time to give my input on the Imperial Knights. 

I will admit, I love the idea of the Knights. Over the top impracticality is what I love along with archaic designs and the opportunity for plenty of customization fluff wise. Ever since seeing them I have had plans and ideas which will have a large influence on my Reaver Titan which I will be painting tonight. But there are some concerns I have.

When taken as a single knight to add to your force I think they make a fine unit. I wouldnt be too bothered personally. But when taken as an army is where problems start to show. 

Necrons aside, how many basic troops (or most units) do factions have that can hurt armour? Let alone any sort of heavy armour. Very few at best. As an imperial guard player, I know that most my army will be doing nothing when fighting a Knight army. My lasguns and krak grenades are useless. Normally if I faced an all vehicle army at least I can try get into combat to destroy it and at the very least it gives my troops something to do. 

I think this could have been minimized by adding in a smaller Knight version as the main force, or some kind of necessary ground support troops. Just something to ensure all enemy models have at least something to do besides trying to avoid death. 

In effect an Imperial Knight Titan army forces me to spend points on units that are useless (for the most part). 

But my issue with them ends there. I just wish something in there was added to give the majority of other armies something to do. 

Thankfully I highly doubt i'll even see one of these models in the flesh so personally im not worried. I just think its a bit of a flaw in the rules. Of course with some imagination im sure this can be overcome. Imagine a force of knights verse knights. Would be a very fun battle. 

As a positive I think the knights heavy stubber looks amazing. Im tempted to get one simply because of that one piece! I also really like the loin cloth banner on it, so i'll try make one for my Titan. 

Asides from that one problem I think its a cool addition to the hobby. Who knows in 10 years time it may be normal to see these on the table top just like the Eldar or tau armies and so on. 


  1. The codex is waay over priced, 77 dollars for effectively 3 pages of rules (the actual knight rules were released in a WD previous, so the only new rules are warlord traits and additional special rules). The actual models look pretty damn cool but once again the specter of price haunts this release

    1. True but people lined up to buy it all so maybe it was worth it to many. I certainly wont be buying the rules though. A scan of the white dwarf rules will do me if I ever look into them.

  2. Knights are not that bad, and an army of them is severly lacking in overall effectiveness. They have no anti air to speak of and can only effectively deal with one unit at a time.

    AV13 is not that horrible and a unit that can't kill it can still assault it and tie it up. IG blobs with melta bombs with break a knight no problem over a turn or two and at the worst will hold a knight up from shooting and doing what it needs to be doing.

    As to rules, I would agree, don't buy the hardback. The digital is cheaper and has all fluff. But if you just want to run a single knight, then yeah the WD has everything you need and you can look up the allies chart easily online. I wish it was cheaper as it is high in price compared to a wraithknight, I will be buying at discount if I get another as ebay has ones that are already 20-30 off retail.

    1. Yea but the point of my post is that, those 45 men will do nothing the whole game but die, or hold up one machine for at least a turn. 45 men to let 5 men hurt it. Its not that its over powered, I just cant imagine it being fun if so many of my models will do nothing but die. Hence why it would be great to see something smaller in the codex, so everything can at least have a target or goal that isnt die as slow as possible.

      Nothing over powered over all. Tough but not over powered. Just the army itself renders a lot of units down to boredom.