Thursday, 27 March 2014

Campaign Part 2 - Results

“General, soldiering has one great trap: to be a good soldier you must love the army. To be a good commander, you must be willing to order the death of the thing you love. We do not fear our own death you and I. But there comes a time... We are never quite prepared for so many to die. Oh, we do expect the occasional empty chair. A salute to fallen comrades. But this war goes on and on and the men die and the price gets ever higher. We are prepared to lose some of us, but we are never prepared to lose all of us. And there is the great trap General. When you attack, you must hold nothing back. You must commit yourself totally.”

Yet again defeat. We where so close too. The first parts of the game where going well. But we failed to fully commit our selves and paid dearly. So before the report a few things to note:

Due to a current lack of 40k Terrain the battles are being fought on the lush outskirts until I can amass 40k terrain (probably have to bring my own to the club). 

The battle was 800 points a side over all. A great game but it did show some horrible flaws in the Chaos Codex and Eldar one, I will elaborate later. Here comes the report:

Pre game:

Imperial Guard:
2 Colossus Siege Mortars 
10 Penal Legionaries
10 Veterans with 3 Plasma guns

5 Terminators 
2 Obliterators.   


2 Fire Prisms

Dark Angels
10 Tactical Marines
1 lascannon 
1 Plasma

Space marines:
1 Multimelta
1 Flamer

Deployment map looked like this:

We won deployment and set up, thinking we could hit them hard before they got to move. We where wrong and the enemy stole the initiative. Thus the slaughter begun. 

Turn 1

So my Praetorians began in the crater in the center while my Penal Legion took the right flank buy the 2 Vehicles used the hey as cover. The Chaos where in reserve. 

The enemy where all on the board. 

So first move of the game was the Predator (most unlucky vehicle I have ever seen) and he got immobilized on the rock trying to rush my tanks. The space marines all walked a big line spanning from center to the my right flank and headed forward. The fire Prisms moved a bit to gain the cover save and everything opened fire. The marines killed 3 Penal legionaries and forced them to flee. The 2 Prisms failed to inflict damage (Camo Netting saved so many hull points it was insane) and the predator rolled a 2 failing to penetrate. 

Our turn and I advanced the Veterans forward. They fired at the predator and side armour but he passed his cover save. The 2 Colossus mortars claimed 3 Marines, forcing them to flee into the sewage crater. My Penal Legionaries fled off the field. 

Turn 2

The marines advanced again, I lost 2 hull points from the fire prisms on one Vehicle and other than that the enemy where unsuccessful. The marines left the crater and advanced again. Oh and the Predator rolled a 2 for penetration again. 

Most of my buddies Chaos came down and where ready to tear open all the vehicles with anti tank weaponry. After a ton of passed jink saves one lucky shot made it through and the enemy lost a Fire Prism. 400 points of Chaos and it couldnt even kill 2 tanks. My Praetorians felt the Chaos luck and their shots where dismissed as he passed his cover again. My Mortars scattered and hit nothing. 

Boring turn = Boring photos haha.

Turn 3

Chaos suffered and lost all terminators. Obliterator barely made it alive. The enemy had swarmed the enemy who had (with one exception) deep striked way on the corner. Massed fire cut them down as they shockingly devoted their whole army to hitting just 7 models. We thought that Terminators would be able to survive but the Eldar cut them down like nothing. The predator rolled a 2 to penetrate me again. 

My turn came and I killed 5 more marines (3 Dark Angel and 2 Space Marine) including the Multi Melta. and the the Space marine squad retreated again. The Praetorians fired again, the Predator passed its save again. Things look grim. The Obliterator could turn the tide and kill that Fire Prism. But the jink save ruined that chance. 

 Turn 4

The enemy chase down the last terminator and make mince meat of the last Obliterator in assault. Chaos is gone. The Fire Prism fires and kills my Colossus and the enemy prepare to close in on my men. Oh and the predator rolls a 2 for penetration again. 

I retreat my Praetorians and put them in lose formation. They fire at the enemy tank again, and he again passes his cover save. Nothing happens other than that. 

Turn 5

The enemy close in, the fire prism killed 7 of my men while the final terminator was mercilessly gunned down while he fled. The enemy Space marines failed to hurt me and their Predator rolled a 2 for penetration again. 

I calmly said bonzai and Captain Gunther Led his last men forward firing at the Predator. He passed his cover save again. My Mortar Reduces the Space Marine Squad to 1 man and forces them to flee again. The Fail to kill my Colossus again. 

Turn 6

The Fire Prism Glides past Gunther and destroys the last Vehicle. Gunther gets gunned down but enemy massed gunfire. Oh and the Predator rolled a 2 on the penetration again. 

And thus ended our second to last chance to keep up our offensive. One more chance or the enemy will be pushing us back. 

So we lost, and paid dearly for it. We are losing the war of attrition. So next game we will try things differently. I usually defeat these players regularly, I have not lost 2 games in a row for many years. But they are proving to be fine generals and its great fun. I got to use my smoke effects for the first time with electronic candles and so on and all the models where painted along with terrain. 

Check out here for more details on the campaign so far, I will update when I have the chance and it will have casualties and so on posted up there. 

The Eldar are proving to be very powerful. I have played Eldar (selling it as we speak) but felt they where very powerful. Hence why im selling them. But playing them is very unfortunate. They have very powerful rules that make them both survivable and efficient killing machines. The Chaos are very poor in terms of ability. They pay a lot of points for units that arent as effective as our Marine enemies. So we spoke with the group and we have agreed to let the Chaos mate with wolves and shun their gods of evil. They will become Space Wolves next game. So hopefully we dont have Terminators that flee when creepily breathed on haha. 

But its great. I feel I am being too cautious. I have never played a campaign and knowing my losses stay losses makes me feel to protective of my men. So next game im gonna use rush tactics and see if I can do it that way. 

I know a Titan battle was arranged but it was getting late by the time the game finished. As you can see it was light in the late afternoon, the end of the game was darkness outside. It was a long but cool game that had a few funny moments. So Titans will fight next week i hope. 


  1. Ah yes Chaos, that game showed me just how awful the chaos codex is and how OP the eldar one is. A 4 up jinx save all the time is a painful thing to deal with when you have limited fire power.

    I think the Holofield is a symptom of how OP the eldar codex is, a 4 up jinx save for moving even a inch is stupid, why isn't it one use only, or would that be too balanced?

    As for the chaos codex, well it lacks all the space marine goodies and the chaos goodies that take their place aren't half as good. And space wolves are probably the only 40k army i like as i can make them feel like a fantasy army with little effort, Next time things will be different

    1. I think the real killer i the fact that your men dont get what normal Marines get, but you nearly pay the same price. So yea lets hope you enjoy your Space Wolves again.

      Make sure you show us WIP posts :)