Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Campaign Part 2 - Prelude (and a bit more)

The second battle will take place in a few hours as the desperate struggle for the city continues. We have had a few delays but now its back on and things are beginning to escalate. We have 2 more battles to try keep up our offensive or we will be pushed back. 

Last battle we where surprised to find the Eldar had decided to join the fight and we paid dearly for it. But this time the heavy guns are coming in and we have a few nasty tricks up our sleeve. 

I love this picture. 

The plan

I have taken 2 Colossus Mortars this time to bring the pain of no cover and no armour on our enemies more capable troops. This game the Chaos  are gonna do the advancing while I cover him and hold our line. He is going for a strike team of Obliterators and Terminators while Im taking 10 Veterans and 10 Penal Legionaries (and the 2 Tanks). 

The battle will be 800 points a side and I have taken over 400 whilst my ally has taken just under 400. 

Last battle the enemy gained a one time 10% points boost to use at their choosing. They can use it early to stump us or they can save it for the later games when the points get bigger. 

So I have high hopes for this game and we shall see how it goes. 

And A Bit More 

After the campaign My Reaver will taste blood and for the first time our club will see Titan on Titan action in a 4000 point game which will feature most of my army (first time inquisition usage too) and a huge Eldar army. Hopefully destruction ensues. 

So keep your eye on here for the aftermath of these battles in about 12 hours. 


  1. The soldiers of Malal will once again spill imperial and space elf blood! Cant wait

    1. Agreed, this time I will hopefully contribute to the enemy death toll.

  2. Looking forward to seeing the results of both battles. Damn the silly eldar, burn them all

    1. I will get myself a treat if I kill 20 Eldar. Any marine kills will be a bonus.

      In the second match it will be disappointing to not wipe out his army. I will avenge all the players his Titan has ravaged in the past haha. Should be fun.