Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Campaign Part 1


Off to war they go, the first generation to fight and hopefully the last. Only the Emperor knows when their duty will end. In the name of humanity they offer their lives. So long...

Finally its here!

So the campaign starts tomorrow. the pesky Eldar dropped out due to life getting in the way, but alas, killing marines is just as fun. The first battle will be on a normal board, with dense terrain and one objective in the center. 600 points per team with no restrictions. 

The Plan.

So the original plan was to win via a war of attrition. But that was because of the eldar player, with him gone our new plan is shock and awe. We are gonna take very odd lists and try to surprise them at each turn. Ill do this in the form of rough rider tank hunting teams, small storm trooper strikes and then out of the blue turn into big gunlines and tank columns. My friend the Chaos player will be the reliable muscle. If my small strike teams fail his men will hold the line and try outgun the (hopefully) weakened spacemarine units. 

Risky plan I know. But I think they are expecting me to take my usual heavy line infantry lists. So I will hopefully be taking:


Sergeant Brutis of Disruption Unit 1

His team has 5 4 men, 2 melta guns, 2 hell guns and himself with the ceremonial Plasma Pistol and Power Sword.  These are Storm Troopers. 

Captain Snob the 2nd Veteran Line Infantry Team

A team of 9 men under his command with 3 Plasma Guns, 6 Rifles, Carapace Armour, 1 Vox with himself armed with the usual Ceremonial Power Sword and Plasma Pistol (using the rules for Bastone) 


So a total of 15 well armed, well trained men. Backed up by 2-3 Obliterators. I think we are over in points (well I am) so ill discus with him to see if i can nab some of his points.

The plan was to take Captain Tartan (Harker) who would infiltrate close to the objective and hold the objective while his men and my Storm Troopers deep-strike in to save the day. But Commander tartan is armed with melta guns, and frankly I think they will be out ranged and ineffective against marines. So I went with the Plasma guns for those extra shots and overall gunline effect. Plus I can use orders with Captain Snob. 

If the enemy doesnt have a vehicle then my Storm troopers would be wasted, so ill deploy them close by to support my line infantry. 

The obliterators can apparently choose their weapons before firing so they are gonna be my "Heavy weapons" and cover me ish while my men die holding the line haha. 

The Fluff

The forces in the city have not yet faced any enemy forces, but the Chaos and their allies have managed to get small forces into the city. If the attacking Chaos can take the objective (a vital relic which tech priests think is a vital component to the complex Anti Aircraft batteries) then their assault forces will have an easy time starting their attack. If the attackers loose they will not only loose the initiative but they will have to find a new way into the city and will be up against alert enemies. 


Captain Snob (Bastone) is my only character and that Veteran unit is expensive. Considering my army is fully equipped with bolters my main force have no armour save against them. Loosing them is gonna hurt. I want to save my basic platoons for when the fighting gets more into the dense city so they can rely on cover. 

So lets see what happens. If we loose we will have literally lost those men forever. Pray to the emperor (who will forgive my temporary alliance with chaos...) I come out with success. 

For those who dont know, check out here for details on the rules and ideas of the campaign.