Thursday, 6 March 2014

Campaign Part 1 - Result


Wow ok so we lost that game. My armies first taste of battle and I RETREAT! So what went wrong?

Well the Eldar player decided life wouldnt get in the way haha, so we had to try make up for this sudden change in enemy by changing how we played. Our men where no match for guardians whose weapons whittled us down at range backed by a farseer. 

So next game we are reverting back to our original plan and will be bringing in the big guns. 

Our Losses:

5 Storm troopers
1 vox Caster
3 obliterators 

Enemy Losses:

1 Predator
3 Marines
2 Guardian defenders.

So well here is what happened:

Turn 1

So we decided to hug the cover. Then enemy got 1st turn and we failed the Initiative. The wraith knight was the objective. My Storm Troopers where in reserve.

So they opened fire and their combined shots killed one Obliterator. Their tank fell back into cover alongside the marines and the 2 guardian units advanced on the flank. 

On our turn I decided to hug the cover to avoid the starcannons and predator tank. His Obliteratos claimed one marine. 

Turn 2

So they took my vox casters life after advancing the guardians and other than that nothing happened. Then this was our successful trun, we took out his Predator. My men decided to hug the cover, waiting for the enemy to close in. With so much cover it was too risky to advance and deal damage at this point. 

Turn 4

So the marines and eldar advanced. This was the turn things where meant to work! We lost a wound on the Obliterators and that was it. On our turn the guns opened up. I formed a line and double fired on the space marines with all my might. Killing 2 Marines and my friend killing 2 Guardians. My storm troopers dropped in to attempt to kill the farseer and claim the objective, and killed nothing...

Turn 4

Storm troopers perished under weight of fire. my gunline lost nothing and all their gunfire focused on the Obliterators. We had nobody left but my 9 Veterans. If it where my way i would have held my ground to the last man, but I took a breath and retreated off the board. We had lost.


So we lost the first battle. Being blindsided by the Eldar hurt us big time. But such is war i guess. I hate retreating, I wouldnt have minded fighting to the last but these losses wont be replaced. So the enemy now get a 50 Point bonus next game which will make it harder for us to take our first piece of the city. If we fail to take a foothold then the battle will be pushing us backwards. 

Next time we will go for quantity over quality. But next week is a break week (yay flames of war!) and then the war will continue. 

The cover made things nice, without it the game would be lost on turn 1. It was also nice not removing 20 models a turn too. Overall was very fun. Maybe ill bring a tank next time. 


  1. As Stalin once said Quantity has a Quality all its own. And I don't think any guard player doesn't love cover, For it is What Shall Save us from the Mutant, the Heretic, and those damn Aliens, whom we face in the name of honor and cuz they took my candy... Those Bastards

  2. Numbers or tanks. I always try one of the two (not entirely true: I usually take loads of tanks.) :)

    If you're wanting infantry though, especially in those cover intensive tables, take a big 'ol platoon with about three squads. Heavy weapons will give you reach and numbers will be your toughness. Quantity of lasguns is a beautiful things so take a bunch a rank fire the enemy. Hell, they're Guardians! You out range them.

  3. Thanks for reading guys

    The problem was against marines our list would have been great! But being blindsided made a lot of our units useless, The plan was to engage the marines and out gun them while the storm troopers held the objective. But the eldar are a different kettle of fish. It wasnt the shurikans it was the 2 starcannons ripping us up.

    So next time you guys are right, i need to take my quantity units, but since I already made my master list (see the link below for info on how this campaign works) I am stuck with quality style units.

    So I will take a colossus to really hurt the enemy as they ALL relied on cover saves last game along with Line of Site. Might take some cheap units from my force and use the Chaos as my main thrust while i keep the enemy concerned. So I may take kroot and penal legion units to try flank them or scout it forward maybe.

    But ill write a post before the next battle and make another page on the blog with progress and the map and so forth.

    And as for candy coloured eldar... they taste good after a good lascook. But sometimes, just sometimes they bite back :P Like today.