Friday, 7 February 2014

Who Likes Imperial Guard Regiment Fluff?


Praetoria, a rural planet, barely noticed among the stars and constantly fights among its neighboring planets. After many decades they began to question their faith as they had no contact with the imperium, but this was soon to all change. A fleet arrived above the planet and started to land, bringing special devices that organised and constructed factories and the beginning structures of Urban landscape cause Praetoria to thrive and grow. The fleet left with the first Praetorian Guard, who went on to earn a name for themselves fighting the Orks at Big Toof River and although they died in defeat this was to be the start of Praetorian prosperity.

With the new influx of weapons and population Praetoria started to out grow her rivals in the Europia Sector. Her main rival was Francia, who started to grow vengeful and developed a strong hatred against the Praetorians. Scottomon was a backwards planet and a series of battles where fought resulting in the successful occupation. The scottmons could not win against a superior nation despite all its efforts, but they developed very successful hit and run tactics that would serve them in the future. During the period of constant fighting with Francia Praetoria had a huge influx of prisoners, criminals and other unwarranted, so they colonized the backwater land of Austrilisia and began dumping all the "savages" there. The situation remained much the same as more decades went by without contact from the Imperium, but yet again this was to change.

A message was received asking for a new regiment to be formed in response to a new threat. With urgancy Captain Jaydenicus was put in charge of raising such a regiment. Jaydenicus was the Great Grandson of Captain Caine so it was fitting he received that role. He had long dream of the Europia Sector united together in peace, fighting for the emperor and bring a new age of prosperity to all. The message was unclear as to when these men will need to be ready, so he needed to act quickly. On that day he did something foolish that, if succeeded would change history forever.

He first gathered the Nobility of his world and selected those whose family name had rights into command ship, then next chose the next batch who would have the honor of wielding the Plamsa guns. In Praetoria the Plasma gun is renown for its power and ability to be used as a rifle all in one package and so it is the nobility without the right to command who wield these on the battle field. To gain the right of command, one has to have had a father or grandfather etc (up to four greats) who served in the military with a command before. Jaydenicus then went on to the hives and talked of glories and adventure beyond imagination and within minutes word spread out and he had millions applying to join. It is unknown how many men died during training or how many could not make it, but he was left with 38 men (including officers). Those 38 men where perfect soldiers and became the second Praetorian Regiment to be founded.

Jaydenicus knew that a mere 40 men would not suffice so he decided to travel to Austrilisia with his 40 men in search of more numbers. He set up fort as the impoverished survivors of the hostile desert land came to see what the commotion was about. Jaydenicus knew what these men dreamed of, so he spoke words of freedom, wealth and glory granting citizenship to those who serve and bringing benefits to the land in years to come. A band of an unknown number of men went aboard that ship equipped with dated lasguns and explosive collars. The men of Austrilisia however where vicious fighters, many bordering in insane and would in future make their planet proud. It is rumored that Dundee was among those men. Dundee had already made a name for himself killing the beasts of his land and surviving against the odds. He would later become a hero among the people of his planet.

Jaydenicus went to Scottomon, hoping to gather a small group under his banner. As usual there where riots on the streets and the rebellion was constantly fighting for freedom against her occupiers. Lord Haggisson was the rebel leader, so Jaydenicus searched him out hoping to not only end the rebellion but gain his support. Jaydenicus sent messages, did public speeches and actively worked with the local garrison in an effort to find him. After 4 months Haggiss had managed to effortlessly sneak into Jaydenicus's chambers and woke him up with a gun to his head. That night many promises where made to Haggiss that Jaydenicus knew he could not keep, promises of a free Scottmon being the key one. Haggiss vanished away as easily as he had come and days later the rebelion had ended and Lord Haggiss in his royal dress came forward with his 9 most trusted men. ready to serve.

Although Francia hated the Praetorians they where still with honor, so when jaydenicus asked for a meeting with their king they reluctantly agreed. Jaydenicus and his officers went into the kings court unarmed and prepared to discuss the situation with their king. Using the only thing keeping the 2 nations at reasonable peace, imperial creed, jaydenicus spoke of a great need the emperor had bestowed upon the Sector and proceeded to lay out the plans of a future regiment. The king decided that although he did not agree he had to adhere to the wishes of his superiors and asked the lords of his court for a volunteer. After what seemed like minutes of Silence, a young man by the name of Lord Nepoliun came forward, pledging his service to Jaydenicus. Nepoliun had under his command 40 men, 10 of which where mounted on horse (the greatest honor besides commanding on the field in Francia) and although he looked upset at the situation, said goodbye to his homeland and set off.

Jaydenicus now had a problem, how would he explain these promises he made or the enemies he has with him? This next phase could easily end up with him hanging for his crimes.

On his way to the king of Praetoria shells started raining on the city, his Vox Officer was reporting huge traffic among the local militia. His regiment quickly mobilized and soon where engaged with ork forces in the city edges, the forces of Francia forming a gun line with the Praetorians, Scottmons and Austrilians clearing the buildings beating back the ork invaders. Working together as one, it seemed as though his men had put aside all their racial hatred and they got results. Within the day the ork threat (although very minor) was dealt with.

The heroes where paraded with a hero from each planet being granted a medals and the right to command in Praetoria, Lord Haggiss of Scottmon, Lord Nepoliun of Francia, Dundee of Austrilinia and Lord Jaydenicus of Praetoria. This marked the beginning of peace in the Sector and the wealth of Praetoria was slowly being shared amongst the other planets. Soon the regiment left and to this day in the Europian people still speak of the success and achievements the Second praetorian Regiment accomplish as a unified people.

Over the years the regiment has gained a reputation of being the most well behaved mixed Regiment of the imperium with only 12 incidents of clashes to date. As a result Xenos (under the watchful eye of Inquisitors) are hired to fight along side them and everywhere they go they gather more peoples of different worlds and cultures, working together to fight in the name of the emperor, forging a lasting name for themselves among the Imperium.

So thats the fluff so far, At the moment I dont have the Inquisitor and his Grey Knights, but i have the forces of the planets named above. As for Xenos mercinaries I have some squats coming, Kroot under work and aiming for more. The next race to join the regiment will be some Asian themed forces.

Anyways tell me what you think and sorry for the spelling mistakes, I cant spell check till I get home. Correct me on any fluff issues or bits that just dont make sense and so on :)


  1. Asian Themed... What kind of Asians?

    1. Nice to know somebody made it through that Grammar mess of mine :P

      Im going to be honest very shortly before we began to speak about your project I was planning on doing some Samurai Imperial guard. They where gonna be for Necromunda primarily but they where going to double as some Guardsmen. I havent got round to it yet but once I found out you where doing it I decided to wait and see what great ideas you come up with.