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Warhammer Fantasy - How To Make An Army and Save Money (Empire)

Alright, now I can get on to doing what I set out to do: show some alternate models. Today I will do that by showing you an Empire army I have come had arrive today. So To keep your attention check this out. The costs are below (in NZD)

GW = $941.00 (free shipping.)

Warlord Games/Wargames Factory/DarkSwordMinis = $250.00 (free shipping.)

$691.00 Savings!

Im excited personally. Cost is a big problem with Warhammer fantasy and its one of the things that has put me off all this time, but alas a solution had arrived! I saw the PIKE & SHOTTE STARTER BATTALIA and jumped at the chance. I have always wanted to do a huge Black powder Empire army for Fantasy (Lizardmen was my first choice, but my love of humans in games is too much) and this set was the perfect opportunity. The pack contains (in Warhammer speak) contains:
  • 24 Spearmen/halberds (more)
  • 58 Handgunners (more)
  • 24 Outriders/Pistoliers/knights (and more)

All for a Cheap 60 Pounds! The options for the cav can be changed to Lancers if need be. Obviously this isnt enough for a full army, so some further hunting was needed. Now whats needed to complete an army of black powder? Why Cannon of course!

I found this kit here and it was perfect. So I got one as a test and I was very impressed. The kit allows you to make:

  • 2 cannon per box with 4 crew, 2 horsemen, scenery and many options.
  • If you have 2 boxes you can (with some work) and make 1 Hellblaster Volley gun. 

My army now has an arsenal of 3 Cannon and 1 Hellblaster weapon. All for 50 USD! 

Whats next? Leadership was needed so I looked through a selection of men on Warlord Games and got some extras:
  •  Master Engineers - Each comes with 2 Engineers (one goes on a cannon).
  • Company Mascot - (shepard makes a good mage)Every company needs some mascots, mine are sheep.
  • Captain - A drunk ugly mercenary captain? Perfect to lead my army. 

Doesnt seem very much like a Fantasy army so far and finding a historical looking mage was not easy, but while on holiday I walked into a hobby store and came across this fellow:
  • Wizard Lord - Modest but I like modest models, for example check out my Praetorian Captain. But Im glad I found this because he is exactly what I wanted for a wizard. 

Thats the army, but I wanted to talk about the quality of the models I got, and I gotta say I have no regrets. If I had to pay 500 NZD for these I would in a heartbeat. They are all good sculpts. The one problem I now face is I do not have enough bases but I shall fix that in time. 

So for 250 NZD I have more than a 2400 point army. All I need now is a Magic Cart to finish the force. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. 

I know my army is not overly competitive but remember Warlord Games has many different starter packs and options, and every Empire army needs cannon (well not really but still) so Wargames Factory is a must visit. As for Dark Sword their models are great for characters, RPG games and Mordheim so check them out. Its the first I have heard of them and I think they deserve some recognition for their work. All these sites have a lot to offer so check them all out!

So I have had the above army for 2 days and due to my impatience I had to get as much done for a game today. I have pictures of it all (mostly) and i'll share the details of this epic battle!

I was up against wood elves, a nasty list containing lots of treemen (and one more powerful one), lots of arrows and some sneaky scouts. His army was rushing forward and on turn 2  was eating my men using treemen, my volley gun was destroyed along with my unit of spears and the drunk Scott general. The Outriders had been reduced down to 7 out of all the units and the treemen where within charge range of my main battle line. 

Turn four and I thought the battle was lost, but my Wizard cast chain lightening, that lightening destroyed 1 treeman, halved the leader treemans wounds, wiped out the killer of my volley gun, and seriously crippled his mage wardancer unit. Then the cannon opened up and finished off the leader and the mage unit. 

Turn 5 happened and I was down to one cannon, which finished off the last treeman, everything was dead except 7 outriders and half my handgunners who started firing upon the enemy archers who had to move forward to avoid the ever strengthening comet of Casandra. On his last turn he tried to break my line by forcing panic checks, but the line held. 

My last turn and I managed to break the last of his units and at great cost had turned the tide of battle and won by 200 points. 

I didnt think it was gonna be an exciting battle so I didnt take any photos or do a full write up but it was one of those epic games and I enjoyed slaying those elves with black powder. I have decided to swap my outriders out for knights as they are not as good as I hoped. 

The Grand Battery

2 Wizards and General

I have not yet completed the army construction or p[painting yet, for example most of the models dont have their hats yet and are blue tacked to temporary bases. So for now I'll show you some of them above and as I paint them up i'll post pictures. 

I have a friend who after seeing these might start fantasy using warlord Games Roman starter set which will be very cool to see.

The painted cannon and crew are what most of the army are gonna look like, the cavalry and leaders will look less "peasanty" but thats the theme to expect. 

So if you are planning on empire check out warlord games and see what you can make there. Your wallet will will be very smug!

See my friends take from the game here!

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