Sunday, 2 February 2014

The Scottish

Well these guys are impressive, Olim (you will find him on dakka) painted these and boy I was impressed. Everything about them is just wow. Yet again these guys came from Victoria Miniatures (soon i'll have something non vic minis here, just give me time :P). Anyways here is the good part, pictures:

Valiantly lead by the Scottish Harker these Veterans are equipped with all the gear needed for stealth (i know i know but... rule of cool) These guys are gonna use cover extensively and get in close and blow up tanks.

All in all these guys are amazing and I cannot recommend this painter enough. If you wish to contact him email me and i'll help you out. Or even easier, email here 

Anyways ill update the blog daily with the units I currently have then I will continue to update with new units as time goes on (the Praetorian Guard earlier are new however). Some vehicles to come next. Until then...

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