Monday, 3 February 2014

The Royal Navy and Tank Brigade of Praetoria

The vehicles so far in my army are on display for today. So I painted these ones up and idea for them is to be basic, I like the idea that they where made then coated in paint and shipped off to fight. Some people like the look but many do not. But the bright side is they didnt take long to paint :P

They are all done except the mound of bodies being dozed by the leman russ, just needs some blood and colour.

Anyways here it is:

I have had these for a couple of months now but I really like them. Eventually I will have another Leman Russ and Malcador Defender coming but for now this is my support section. The Leman Russ and Hell hound are from the forge world site, the artillery vehicles are custom built and the Vandetta is GW made.

The Vulture is from Wargames D and was a pleasure to assemble.

There isnt much to talk about really, but im trying to get hold of many trench rails from wargames D to add it to the rest of my tanks.

Next up i'll have some unfinished Perry Miniatures or Some unfinished Scibor forces to show but for now here are the vehicles.

Soon (in a few days HOPEFULLY) I will have a lightbox set up so i can show you my force a bit better. Especially the ones from alternative model sites. But for now these photos will have to do.

I will note though that the ONLY vehicle to do any damage in my last game from this lot was the vulture who killed 1 terminator. Suffice to say, my penal legion horde did not do well (surprise?) that game. I have a huge fluffy campaign that I am running soon so during that I will add details and personalization to my vehicles as they have many (presumably) victories.

For those wondering, the campaign will be covered when the time comes. Its pretty cool and not like any campaign I have ever seen so stay tuned!

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