Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Penal Squad

So first off thanks for all the views guys, the blog is all set up and ready to go and now im going through my collection bit by bit so its all up here for people to see. So today its my Penal Unit.

This squad was painted by a young adult who goes by ragequitrabbit in Auckland New Zealand. 

So if you live in NZ (like me) and want cheap painted models with fast speedy service email him and work something out. He is currently painting my Mercenary Kroot using the skills he learnt doing my penal legion. So here is his first commission and my Penal squad from Victoria Miniatures:

Sorry about the image quality, they where taken at a time where it was the best available.

These guys are the scum of my force, made up of cowards, looters and insubordinate soldiers. These guys are dirty, scarred, scared and look sad and hopeless, well some look down right crazy or happy but still. These guys will be taking fire while my more disciplined soldiers advance and one day, just one day they'll do something amazing.

I highly advise using these models, even though the rules are hit and miss they still can be capable of doing good. At worst you can use them as standard Guardsmen.

Let me know what you think and hopefully my future pictures show them better. Once I have reached my goal I will put up images of the entire army. Until then you will get bits and pieces.

Cheers guys

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