Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Mighty Malcador and More! - War-games Discount

The Armour continues to grow. Now if you haven't noticed by the choices of many models I love history. And the Malcador really reminds me of interwar tanks and ever since I saw them I just had to have one. I also like symmetry in my lists and I couldn't have the Malcador move forward with only 1 tank on its side. I ended up getting another Executioner...

So here is an idea of what you will get if you ever decide to order from Wargames Discount:

 So due to a major glue shortage in my House Hold I can only show you the opening of the box. I want to add now that this package came incredibly quickly, under a week! As you see above the contents are nicely packed and sorted and more importantly not warped to hell like Forge World. The box itself was very tightly packaged and nothing came broken.

So there is a look at some of the parts. Its all clean, most bits have nearly no sprue on them and did I mention NO WARPING!!! They also dont require a lot of cleaning and so forth. means I can get straight to the fun part of assembly. The detail is flawless as usual and once I get some glue I will show you my complete model unpainted.

I hope you can see how good the detail is on these. I have already had one of these tanks from forge world before and the detail is equal, let alone the quality of the contents out of the box. This really makes me look forward to buying that Reaver Titan one day...

Well if you liked what you see check out my pages above on Wargames Discount and email him for a price list. I got this for half the price (less than half) I would from GW and the shipping was faster, the contents superior and detail is equal. I cannot wait to assemble my moving fortress.

One 2 days I will have glue and after a couple of hours of assembling ill have a post ready to show off my new recruits.


  1. I've been tempted by this guy before but questionable legality and risk have stopped me. Can't wait to see how this works out and view the assembled product.

    1. If only I had glue you could see it already!

      Im so impressed at the quality I get from this guy I just have to share his product. Keep an eye out, if I end up with glue today i'll have it done after work.

      But yea do wait as this is the kinda thing you have to be 100% sure about before you get into it.