Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Imperial Patrol VS The Dice Odyssey - Fantasy Wars

Today I had 2 games of Warhammer fantasy with my new army. Amazingly I had 2 victories! I have to be careful though, for im sure my luck will soon run dry. Ill be covering the 2nd battle which was empire vs empire, and my friend Rex from the Dice Odyssey will cover the first battle. If its not up now it will be very very soon.

The competitive spirit in me makes me wanna tally the battles we have over time. So far its 2/2 for me. (the earlier games wont count due to those being him going easy on me). I know my Company is in for a good kicking soon though. 

So here comes the first battle report on this blog:

So it had to be done in the make shift floor table at home, but its good to get some practice in. So my list was as follows:

1 General of the Empire with a rune-fang.
1 Level 4 Master Wizard (lore of heavens)
1 Level 2 Battle Mage on horse (lore of Light)
1 Master Engineer 

6 Units of 10 Handgunners
24 Halberders 
24 Inner Circle Knights with Great Weapons. 

3 Great Cannon
1 Hellblaster Volley Gun

He had: (I think, im still new to this :P)

1 Captain
1 Witchhunter
1 Battle Wizard (lore of light)
2 Master Engineers

2 Big units of Melee Troops
1 Unit of Thunder Hammers (Citation needed) 
A unit of 20 Knights (I think)

4 Demygryphs
2 Great Cannon.


So my first fears where that I lacked combat troops and would fall quickly. So to counter this I I decided to have my Halberds take on the bulk of their men after they take fire, and my knights will hit his knights after they took some fire. My deployments was based on a huge clump of cannon and men in the center. Risky but it was my best alternative. 

Turn 1

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So he having first turn decided to move. His knights went straight at my knights (excellent) and his Demygryphs came in on the other flank while his troops stormed my center. It seemed my plan was coming together. After loosing 5 men to cannon fire and some minor magic buffs it came to my turn.

I moved nothing. Hoping like crazy his knights would fail the charge. I did this to try get a round of shooting in to him. My shots killed nothing (20 missed!) My cannon opened up killing one Demygryph and the other malfunctioning and another dying. The hell blaster gets many kills on his Thunder Hammer dudes in the center and my Handguns slowly killed off a couple here and there. 

Over all nothing spectacular, oh but I did hit most of his army with a not very successful Chain Lightening hit which killed many of my men due to a miscast. 

Turn 2

His forces advance further, and We have a magic dual to try fight his buffs (with success in some areas) but not that it mattered since he had failed his knight charge!. His cannon fired with little success only harming one of my cannon. 

On my turn I take out 10 men from his Combat troops using my hell-blaster and my muskets reduce the the rest down considerably. My cannon do nothing much but one malfunctions. My knights seize the initiative and charge, denying him use of his lance weapons. But he had many buffs up his sleeve killing 5 of my knights while I killed about 3. But it was a draw in the end and the forces continued. My Halberds charged his thunder hammer dudes and reduced him to three men. My general beat his in a challenge and things where looking better. 

 Turn 3

The knight battle raged and he flank charged my Halberds. His magic was largely countered by mine thankfully. His Demygryph knights prepared themselves to charge me and his final combat unit went to take on my ranged units. My Halberds suffered no losses and killed of all the units in the fight. The knight war saw him loose a lot of horses but he held. 

On my turn I managed to kill 2 Demygryphs with all my remaining artillery and my Handguns wiped out his last combat unit (just). The knights dished out a bit more pain but that battle continued. 

Unit of the match:
Halberds = Took on and held the center, taking more casualties from detonating wizards and cannon than combat. Lucky more than anything, but without them being in the right place at the right time I would have surely lost. 

End Game

It was at this point I was given the win and allowed my opponent to surrender. My Mercenary band made extra cash on the side selling the slaves.  

Well the game went well and I keep learning. Its the first game my combat troops really did something, the knights did well in both games and the volley gun really hurt the enemy too. As this was my first game against not Wood Elves I learnt my list was far more effective against armour wearing not prancy wood elves. In the other games against the elves I have suffered far more. I will mention that this was my friends second game with the army and it was vastly different to his usual Wood Elf Army. 

My plan was based on risks and it paid off. Before I make any major changes to this list I will try a game at the club against a few other people and show you how it goes. 

All in all I had an easier time against the Empire than the Wood Elves. Turns out cannon arent that great when there arent giant monsters walking the fields. But they have saved my bacon many times so I think they are worth keeping. Magic was vital in all my games except this one. My spells where simply not overly useful and I couldnt really use any of the buffs, and the killing was unreliable. If those Demygryphs had made it into my line I may have been in trouble but oh well.

All in all a great game, and I bet next time I wont have the same luck and win. Its probably healthy to loose sometimes, cant let my string of victories get to my head... 

On a side note this army has been my best value for money. Its cheap and effective on the field. Once I find out what I want I can finish the army and have some not blue tacked half assembled men on the field haha.

For those who have never tried Fantasy I suggest giving it a go, its much better than it looks and even though I prefer 40k when its set up properly Fantasy is a nice change without being too different from 40k. 

Anyways check out The Dice Odyssey for the battle against his wood elves. Which was far closer in terms of outcome. His men look very cool all camouflaged up too. 

Some more Pics:

This could have been game changing. They will soon have riders too.


  1. Those 'Thunder Hammers' are Teutonic Guards. They're basically the equivalent of Greatswords but from Middenheim, where men prefer to fight with blunt objects. Sadly, while the models are sweet the unit is not and being human and going last every time hurts them a lot.

    1. Ahhh I see, I knew I had something wrong. Yea it didnt help that they took like 20 hits from a volley gun first but I was surprised at how many little they did.

      Going last is very scary, but I found on knights it wasnt too bad. But its certainly something I want on anything thing else in my army.

      Im sure in our next fight his Tetonic Guards will do something more. We both learnt a lot in that match.

      I do agree they look very cool.