Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Francia Division Rough Riders - Perry Miniatures

I came across some Perry Miniatures and the box that caught my eye was a box of French Dragoons. My first thought was "Rough Riders", but I found out it contained foot men too. When I got home that day someone was selling heaps of dismounted French Dragoons! I instantly purchased them with the intentions of forming a platoon of them. I now have 32 Dismounted dragoons and 13 mounted. The details are below:

The detail on these is amazing, the thought behind them is even greater! For example the guys with drawn swords come with empty sheaths, the dismounted Dragoons helmets dont have waving hair like their mounted comrades and they come with many parts and corpses to use. 

When I have them in a place with better lighting I shall show you the Francia Division in full strength!

Some minor conversion work was all that was needed to add some 40k special weapons to this unit, as you see the Grenade launcher, and demo charge in the picture above. So if you are thinking about a themed IG army dont worry, Its actually really easy to do and i'll let you know how if you are interested.

Perry miniatures does some great sculpts, darn all these model companies making heaps of perfect Guard alternatives, they make me wanna buy them all! He does heaps of Nepolionic War era soldiers and some American Civil war and more (a lot more). Id love to see an army of these guys with tanks backing them up, a cool mix of archaic and modern styles which to me screams Imperium.

I paid 20 Pounds for these guys which I thought was decent given the amount of options and models.

One problem I had with these guys is the lack of arm variation, I had to do a lot of creative things to try break them up a bit (not as bad as Cadians though) but once i put them all together it actually wasnt noticeable so all in all I highly suggest looking at Perry Miniatures for a themed regiment which I would love to see.

Next up I dip into the world of fantasy and save ALOT! of money making my Empire army, stay tuned to see how.


  1. Jayden, the reason that the Dragoons had mounted as well as dismounted units stems from the fact that Dragoons are 'mounted Infantry', in that they ride to battle, dismount, and then do battle

    1. I know, thats why I purchased the dismounted (in game they are far more effective than the rough riders). Once the new codex comes out for the imperial guard I want to write up rules for dragoons over lancers because I feel its more viable for horses in a modern war.

      Although I was under the impression than dragoons where trained as both cavalry and infantry, but im no expert on the period.