Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Here She Is! Malcador Assembled.

Alright so after getting enough super glue to last the next few months I finally had the means to get my Malcador finished.

So there is a Wargames Discount Malcador. Now I lazily put some sandbags on the front tracks because our kitten decided to chew a few track pieces so until I get replacements the sandbags get to hang out there. There are still bits that need to be shaved here and there but thats fine.

The only bit I had trouble with was the trench rails. Honestly, no matter where I get them from I still struggle to get them to sit right. The WORST DECISION I MADE when deciding the theme of my army was putting trench rails on all the vehicles. Oh well.

During the process a few pieces where chipped from the cutting etc but only very minor, nothing some green stuff wont fix in a few seconds. This took from start to finish 40 minutes to build (not including some cleaning still to be done) so pretty easy overall. Helps that most of the bits fit fine. The guns are all movable and the stubber is not fully glued on to make life easier.

Anyways here is a horde of pictures:

I didnt glue on the cover because I like the detail here. 


Aside from the trench rails im happy as hell. At 50% of the retail cost and shipping that is exceptionally fast I cant complain really. 

I plan to use this thing as an in your face! tank. Its poor armour and limited effectiveness means I will drive this write up to the enemy guns blazing and hoping that when they blow it up it goes out with a bang. 

I still have one more tank to do and ill put some pics up of that but I hope this shows you what to expect when getting a discount model. 

Also my Kroot arrived yesterday, once I base them ill put up pics of the first in a long line of mercenaries.

Cheers for reading :) 

NOTE: I need to clean mold lines and fill in the usual gaps you get with FW models. But this still beats the usual warping and cleaning involved. 


  1. That is a beautiful tank there my friend. I'm going to seriously have to consider getting one (I'm especially thinking about a Gorgon.)

    1. That Gorgon looks like a nice model. The interior looks like it would have a lot of detail. Just dont get trench rails haha.

      It looks great and even the detail on the commander is amazing. I dont normally have my commanders out but it looked so good I just had to. Im very impressed with the vehicle and im sure you will be too. Especially at the price.