Friday, 31 January 2014

The Praetorian Guard

So after a huge wait I finally got my forces. About 6 ish months ago I sold my huge (and I mean huge!) Imperial Guard collection and decided to start fresh. The goal was to have a painted army. I settled on Victoria Miniatures Victorian guard as my theme and went from there. 

Anyway before I go into some detail about my army here are some pictures supplied by Warring Souls painting service. He did all the work to make this force and although it took some time, the final result was more than satisfactory. Like they say, good things take time. 

All these bits (except the plasma weaponry) are from Victoria Miniatures. As you can see the theme is plasma and power swords, something about glowing blue weapons really gets me. Some of you may have noticed Crocodile Dundee by the commissars, i'll give 10 points to whoever can guess what unit he is. I will also state that those commissars where made by scratch using bits and pieces from Vics site.

The idea behind this army is the Praetorians are a small (but main) part of the force, they are backed by a large amount of mercenaries (so far I have some Scottish, Penal Legion, Kroot and Scibor armoured Romans. Soon some soviet goblins and more Scibor will join the ranks). So in time all the mercenaries and so on will be up on here for all to see. 

What ill do is put up all the Models in my army and list the site I got them from with details on my opinion of the models, quality, price and so on. The overall goal is show people what other companies have to offer over GW. But all in time.

So warring souls was great, personally I am very happy I paid the price to get these and I recommend them to anyone who is like me and doesn't overly enjoy painting. 

Anyway there is more to come to keep an eye out. 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Until next time.


  1. Love the models at Vic minatures never rally thought about doing a Praetorian Guard using there bits

    Crocodile Dundee = Vindicare?

    1. 10 points for effort. Another hint is the giant knife :P

      And yes its a great site for any guard fan. I got some scottish from Victoria miniatures which I'll put up tonight.

  2. Replies
    1. Nice to have you here dude, next step on the blog is expand the war-games D section and get those lovely models you painted put up there.

      Cheers :)